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Motivation in music class

with impulses for distance learning

Online seminar

Verband Deutscher Musikschulen VdM

29. Oktober 2020

High-quality music pedagogy in an era characterized by a shift between online and face-to-face teaching? Which projects are easy to implement, even with large amounts of technical equipment, and motivate our students in both forms of instruction?

This webinar will be repeated due to high demand.
The date will be announced soon.

Motivation in music class

with impulses for distance learning


15. September 2020

The platform offers those interested in exciting advanced training courses on various topics related to making music with wind instruments. The “Motivation in Music Lessons” webinar dealt with the basics of motivation and their transfer to individual and group lessons as well as easily implementable projects that complement online lessons but also face-to-face lessons.

Creative projects for motivating lessons

Johann-Joseph-Fux-Konservatorium Graz

10. September 2020

Music and making music compete with many leisure activities from other areas and yet when making music there is the opportunity to make the learning path so exciting that students do it with passion and enthusiasm. You will learn motivational techniques, elements of brain-friendly learning, priming, storytelling and many other things that enrich your own teaching style and your very personal concepts. But practical impulses will also surprise you! All of this can be used directly in everyday teaching and inspires projects such as student concerts as well as digital music-making.

Successful work with parents at music schools

Digital conference

Musik- und Kunstschulmanagement Niederösterrich

30. August 2020

Use opportunities, be successful!

In addition to inspiring and motivating lessons, parents are a key to success so that our music students can use their talents optimally. How do you manage to convince parents of the importance of their commitment to musical learning? What information and support do parents need so that they can perform this important task competently and passionately and become companions of their children in the world of music? And what can we do if a conflict does arise?

In the time of distance learning in particular, a good communication line with parents has proven to be essential. What new experiences were made here? What opportunities can be used for the future?

Parents - the ace up your sleeve when making music

Fourth Austrian Congress

for music school principals

Donau-Universität Krems / Österreich

15. und 16. November 2019

In addition to motivated and qualified teachers, it is the parents of our music students who can make a significant contribution to the success of music lessons: Anyone who is able to make musically less experienced parents into competent companions for the world of their children, will inspire students in the long term, encourage their creativity and keep their passion for making music alive.

How do you manage to train parents in everyday music school so that they support the musical advancement of their children in a meaningful way? And what to do if a conflict does arise? What needs do parents of the Internet generation have of our music schools today and in the future and how do music schools manage to be perceived as competent partners not only in the musical field but also in matters of education?

Music schools have the potential, through their structure, their forms of instruction and their content, to impart precisely those skills for a happy life, the lack of which parents often criticize in general schools today. If we play this trump card, we have won the parents over for us and the music!


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