Many of my editions for teaching the trumpet are well-known.

Trumpet teachers use them as supplementary material in their lessons and for concerts.


There are also many pieces of music that are very often played in music competitions for children and young people or music exams.

James Hook

Sonatas and Concert Pieces

with audio recording by Prof. Reinhold Friedrich

A contribution to make the classical period accessible to the trumpet: Of medium difficulty, Kristin Thielemann's arrangements of performance pieces and sonatas by James Hook (1746–1827) are ideal for tuition as well as for auditions and competitions.


Several songs of Hook were arranged as instrumental pieces and serve as a good start into this repertoire. More advanced players may try the sonatas. Apart from the frequently played Sonata Op. 99/3, even lesser known sonatas might be interesting for the trumpet because of their well-chosen keys.

Download or sheet music available.

  • The Blackbird
  • -
  • James Hook
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Easy Concert Pieces

Volume 1

for beginners

Volume 1 is very easy to easy in difficulty and contains pieces up to the notated c'', in a few pieces the d'' appears as a short leading note. Simple and catchy rhythms, well executable tone combinations and articulations that are easily mastered after a short time make this volume an ideal booklet for beginners.

  • Soul Pop
  • -
  • Roger Ender
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Easy Concert Pieces

Band 2

for slightly advanced users

Difficulty level: easy to medium - includes works up to a maximum of the notated f ''. In addition to the expanded rhythm spectrum and slightly increased requirements in terms of phrasing and articulation, these works are suitable for working in a more musically differentiated manner.

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  • A Tribute to Alice in Wonderland
  • -
  • K.Thielemann
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Easy Concert Pieces

Volume 3


Volume 3 is of medium difficulty and intended for players with a well-developed embouchure who can play notes up to written g”, though this note only appears as a short top note. Flexible articulation and legato playing with a well-developed dynamic range are required for pieces that are longer than those in the preceding volumes.

My first concert

original works for beginners

The edition "My First Concert" contains easy pieces for trumpet in Bb and piano for lessons and first auditions. The selection of the works invites you on a journey through many epochs of music. New compositions from pop and rock provide variety in the lessons.

Most pieces are playable after 1-2 years of lessons. The introduction to the works is made easier by the enclosed CD with demo version and playalong. The piano part is mostly kept simple and suitable for competitions "Jugend musiziert" or family music.

Classical Music for Children

A journey through time for young trumpeters

This volume contains easy pieces for trumpet and piano from the baroque, classical and romantic periods. The short pieces are suitable from the 2nd to 3rd year of study. The piano accompaniments are designed in such a way that they can also be performed by pupils and thus promote communal music-making.

When recording the CD, moderate tempos were chosen to make it easier for the young musicians to play along to the piano part.
This edition offers a new approach to the classical masterpieces of concert literature and promotes the joy of classical music

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  • Where'er You Walk
  • -
  • Georg Friedrich Händel
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  • Memories
  • -
  • Daniel Hellbach
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  • Szene am Bach
  • -
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
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Music education

After her publication about motivation music lessons «Voll motiviert» became one of the best-selling publications in practical music education, her music guidebook for parents «Jedes Kind ist musikalisch» (i.e. every child ist musical) has already been translated into Chinese language.


In preparation there is a publication about how to teach restless students or adhd children.

Available in German from January 2021 on.


Motivating music lessons

«Voll motiviert»

by Kristin Thielemann

for music teachers

Motivation is the key to success. But how do we support our students in such a way that they retain the desire to make music over the long term? What can we do to make them enjoy practicing?


Kristin Thielemann presents tried and tested recipes for success that are supplemented with creative and easy-to-implement ideas. Benefit from psychological tips on how to design lessons and the basics of storytelling as well as from building blocks for an unforgettable student prelude and new impulses for your everyday teaching.


Become a motivational guru for your students!

So far only available in German.

«Ganz schön wild! Besondere Schüler entspannt unterricht»

Kristin Thielemann

for music teachers

Who does not know the lessons in which students are jittery and distracted - hardly able to concentrate on the content and making music. Kristin Thielemann presents strategies that are easy to implement to enrich your own lessons in such a way that easily deflectable bundles of energy, special pupils or children and young people affected by ADHD can learn successfully and with motivation.


«Pretty wild!» teaches strategies for successful music education practice with wild” pupils and encourages them to go a special way with these special minds”. A way that makes it possible to arrive in the world of music and be happy there. As a special plus, you will find valuable information in this publication to minimize stress caused by lessons with restless pupils.

Only available in German.



Guide-Book for patents

«Jedes Kind ist musikalisch»

by Kristin Thielemann

Every child can be a musician

This parents guidebook gives a variety of suggestions on how to integrate music into everyday family life from the birth of their child on, and gives instructions on singing with children. The book provides information about courses in elementary music practice and gives tips when deciding on the suitable instrument.


In addition, this guidebook provides scientifically sound background knowledge on the positive effects of music. The accompanying CD offers songs, sound samples for instruments and musical dream trips for children.


The ideal present for the birth!

So far only available in German and Chinese.

Chinese version includes extra chapters in how to train the perfect pitch and how to support highly talented children.

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Successful online teaching

Max Gaertner & Kristin Thielemann

for music teachers

Digital teaching requires some knowledge of the technical equipment. You will find material on this, which will enable you to start your online lessons quickly and easily.
Even with digital teaching, there can be no magic recipe that can be transferred to everyone and that always fits. Good pedagogy lives from reacting to people and situations and from having a wide range of ideas and experiences. This is given to you here.


In addition to technical tricks, methodical approaches and motivation tricks for online lessons, you will find a variety of impulses for brain-friendly learning, digital projects and useful apps. Want to take over lessons.

Only available in German.

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